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Designed by probation field experts, Smart Probation is a client management software created to meet the needs of every probation department. Smart Probation is a fully configurable application which eliminates the need for customization. some of the major features are:

Fully configurable
User Friendly
Configurable Business rules
Configurable Screens/Forms
Configurable Reports
Configurable Fields
Risk/Needs Assessments
Case Plans
Document Management
and more....

The following screenshots have been taken from Smart Probation. They offer brief tour of some of the features of the application. A short description of the screenshot is available to help explain what is being displayd. Click on the screenshot to enlarge the image to full size.

Click on a slide below:
Slide 1:  Login and Main Screen
Slide 2:  Drop Down Menus
Slide 3:  Header and Footer Bars
Slide 4:  Navigation and Work Area
Slide 5:  Search Screen
Slide 6:  Summary Screen
Slide 7:  Demographics Screens
Slide 8:  Social History Screens
Slide 9:  Health History Screens
Slide 10:  Case Screens
Slide 11:  Supervisions Screens
Slide 12:  Institutions Screens
Slide 13:  Programs & Services
Slide 14:  Image Capture
Slide 15:  Assessments
Slide 16:  Case Plans
Slide 17:  Image and Documents
Slide 18:  Management
Slide 19:  Reports
Slide 20:  Templates

Login and Main Screen

You can launch smart probation by simply visiting a website and clicking on the launch button. Once Smart Probation application is launched a login screen is presented. The authentication process will begin when the user enters the ID and the Password and clicks on the Login button.

Depending on the configuration of the system, The login will not only authenticate the user, it will also check the following before allowing the user to access Smart Probation application and database:

  • Network range and IP Address
  • Computer identity
  • Allowable times the user can access the system

If authentication is successful, the user is then presented with the main screen. Smart Probation has a built-in firewall to minimize security risks. This firewall does not necessary replace a firewall appliance, however, it will add an additional layer of security making it a more secure system.

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